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mgné architects offer expert services including opinions on architectural services, professional practice, opinions of compliance, building defects and contract administration. We are expressly aware of the duties of an expert to the Courts to be independent, thorough, unbiased and well researched as set out in the Law Reform Commission CP52 2008 and CP117 2016. We are also familiar with the Rules of the Superior Courts relating to expert evidence set down in SI 254 and SI 255 2016. Previous clients include Chief State Solicitor’s Office, public bodies, contractors, insurers and private clients. 


We have been developing our expertise in architectural practice for over 35 years. Although we have particular experience in educational work having designed 20 schools, our body of work also includes housing, residential, office, community leisure buildings and urban design/public spaces.

We have a strong track record of researching innovative design concepts and details in order to realise each unique project – designing from first principles. This thorough, rigorous, interrogative working methodology carries through into our expert services for clients.



Matt MacDonagh-Dumler, a director of mgné architects, has over 20 years of experience working with contractors and design teams administering various types of construction contracts. He also has a diploma in Construction Law & Contract Administration from Trinity College Dublin and is the main point of contact for our expert services.


CV – Matt MacDonagh-Dumler

Our team has over ten years of service in legal work, which has given us in-depth knowledge of the legal process in a construction setting from pleadings and hearings to expert reports, discovery and submissions. 



We can assist legal firms and clients to: 

  • Understand the custom and practice for architects and other construction professionals. 

  • Furnish opinions on how a reasonably competent architect would view a particular situation such as a delay to the Works, a claimed  variation or the operation of clauses in a contract. 

  • Review and provide opinions on causation for building defects. 

  • Assist quantum experts when instructed to define scope of works for costing purposes. 

  • Assist to determine proportionate, appropriate and competent remediation strategies for defects. 

  • Translate issues from a construction setting into common language and, when requested, into documents for use in a legal setting.



  • Architectural and professional practice

  • ​​​​​Contract administration

  • Assigned Certifier / BC(A)R

  • Latent defects

  • Building design

  • Building Regulations

  • Design team leader

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