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Athlone Community College

Athlone, Co.Westmeath

McGarry Ní Éanaigh Architects

The project entails the phased demolition of existing school buildings and the phased decant of its population (1000 + individuals) into its new three- storey school of 9900 sqm. The new building has an intended character - a public institution of appropriate scale with a particular presence by virtue of its form, texture, colour and the manner in which it occupies and modifies the site using key design choices about topography and entrance. Massing and built form are located away from the existing boundary conditions dividing the site into compartments (entrance court, playing courts, fields, garden); the greater massing being reserved for the main south-facing entrance elevation with its sweeping profile leading from the eastern edge of the site to the central entrance.The essential architectural vision is spatial - predicated on well-proportioned, well-lit spaces intended to collectively establish spatial interest, coherence and enjoyment.The building is constructed primarily of precast reinforced concrete, generally rendered externally in sand/cement and characterised by its coloured sheen finish connecting roof and wall.

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