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Shangan 2c/Whiteacre Housing

Ballymun, Dublin 11 

McGarry Ní Éanaigh Architects

This housing scheme seeks to establish a palpable sense of place.The urban discipline hinges on clear definition of public and private areas organised to form a courtyard. The architectural language employs rhythm, scale and colouration. Entrance to the courtyard and frontage on the proposed park (to the west) is formed by two apartment buildings - identical but rotated relative to each other. Corner balconies in brick articulate this rotation and mark the courtyard entrance. Brick is used to define the extent of the public areas.The aesthetic recognises and plays with the serial nature of the house - roof profiles and colouring set up complementary rhythms to the conventional read of the party wall increment.Within the courtyard a rhythm of trees/benches sets up another increment.

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